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Frustration Overview

The student may:

  • Huff, puff, grumble, or yell
  • Be rude to others
  • Refuse and snap at offers for help
  • Stomp, pound fists on desk, throw pencil or paper, etc
  • Blame others or things for problems
  • Be touchy and reactive
  • Grimace, frown, or appear angry
  • Appear flushed, tense, irritated or fidgety
  • Perseverate on a topic, problem, or issue
  • Refuse to transition or move on
  • Re-start assignments repeatedly
  • Quick to react with anger
  • Cry and refuse to work or comply
  • Lash out verbally and physically
  • Bite nails or lips, tug at hair, tap feet or hands or other nervous habit
  • Heavy and/or quick breathing
  • Red face