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In Case of Maintenance Emergency

In Case of Maintenance Emergency

Facilities Management Department defines EMERGENCY as a sudden problem/issue that directly prevents daily operations or endangers the health and safety of students and staff.

In the event you have an emergency, please contact your facilities manager or one of the following people based on what type of emergency you have.

  • HVAC Emergency: Contact Kevin Joines at 704-791-4377
  • Plumbing Emergency: Contact Bill VanWieren at 704-791-6751
  • Electrical Emergency: Contact Linn Ritchie at 704-793-3221
  • Carpentry/Locksmith EmergencyContact Craig Nichols at 704-791-6764
  • Custodial EmergencyContact Andy Campbell at 704-789-3592
  • Grounds EmergencyContact James Waldroup at 704-960-9949

All other maintenance issues should be entered through our SchoolDude work order system.  Please see your site facility contact to enter the work order.