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We proudly operate Five-Star Programs at all
of the CCS Elementary Schools & Royal Oaks School of the Arts

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Star Rated License – What You Need To Know

In 1999, the North Carolina Division of Child Development (NCDCD) began issuing star rated licenses to all eligible child care centers and family child care homes. Facilities can receive one to five stars. A rating of one star means that a child care program meets North Carolina’s minimum licensing standards for child care. Programs that choose to voluntarily meet higher standards can apply for a two to five star license.

In order to apply for a two to five star license, a program must maintain a compliance history of at least 75% (minimum standard for any licensed facility). Programs can earn up to 7 points in the following components:

Staff Education

Program Standards

In addition, programs can earn a quality point for enhanced standards in staff education and program standards.

For more information on the star rated license, please visit the Division of Child Development website.