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Charge Policy

Charge Policy



  • School Nutirtion Program will no longer serve alternate meals to children who cannot pay at the register. They will be served a regular meal.
  • Students will now be charged for all meals obtained.
  • Students may only charge a complete meal.
  • Extras (a la carte items), such as milk or snacks cannot be charged.
  • Use Linq Connect or directly pay the cashier (cash or check) to update your balances.


School Staff Accounts

  • We are unable to allow charges for our teachers and staff.
  • Consult with your Cafeteria Manager to set up a staff account.
  • CCS Staff can be set up to access our Linq Connect online payment center. Take advantage of managing your account from your phone or tablet.
  • Cash and checks are always accepted in your school cafeteria.


Board Of Education - Policy 6220:B-Meal Charges


USDA Non-Discrimination Statement