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Road Closings

Road Closings

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From time to time, it is necessary for NCDOT to close roads for updates and maintenance.

Below is a list of currently closed roads as well as pending construction and construction delays.


Currently Closed Roads:

Old Mine Rd

Rutherford St SW / Lincoln St SW

              (between: Amber Ct SW & Cozart Av SW)

Old Airport Rd (between: Crestmont Dr & Setter Ln SE)

Country Club Dr (between: Carolina Mall & Branchview Dr NE/Lake Concord Rd)


Upcoming Closed Roads:


Upcoming Pavement Projects - No dates, but more information to come as received


Construction that will cause Delays, but not closed:


*Disclaimer* Roads may be closed due to emergency maintenance that Cabarrus County Schools Transportation Department has no prior knowledge.