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Public Participation at Board Meetings

Public Participation at Board Meetings

In accordance with Board Policy 2310, a part of each business meeting will be set aside for citizens to address the board through public comment. Each speaker will receive three minutes to present comments. An individual speaking on behalf of a group may be allowed to speak for five minutes at the discretion of the board chair. Speakers may sign up with the board clerk via email at or in person no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) the day of the regularly scheduled monthly business meeting. Speakers must provide contact information including their name, group name (if applicable), relationship to Cabarrus County Schools, address, and phone number, and list the general education related topic of their presentation for the board minutes.

During the public comment period, the board chair will recognize speakers in the order in which they signed in or emailed. Substitute speakers will not be permitted, and speakers may not donate any portion of their time to another speaker. If a speaker is unable to present all of his or her information within the specified time limit, the speaker may provide the board with the additional information in written form. If an unusually large number of people requests to speak, a majority of the board may decide to reduce the time for each individual or to require the designation of a spokesperson for each group of persons supporting or opposing the same positions.

At any time, the board may establish additional procedures to ensure that public comment sessions proceed in an efficient and orderly manner. The board chair will read or distribute a general statement at the beginning of the public comment period outlining the acceptable procedures. In consultation with the board attorney, the board chair may prepare additional guidelines consistent with this policy.

Statements reasonably perceived to be disruptive or imminently threatening to the orderly operation of the meeting shall not be permitted. Any limitation on public comments shall be viewpoint neutral. The board chair will have the authority to rule the speaker out of order.

A person who willfully interrupts, disturbs, or disrupts an official meeting and who, upon Policy Code: 2310 Page 3 of 3 CABARRUS COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION POLICY MANUAL being directed to leave the meeting by the board chair, willfully refuses to leave the meeting is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor pursuant to G.S. 143-318.17.