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Inclement Weather Procedures

Weather or Not

CCS Inclement Weather FAQ

Cabarrus County Schools wants to ensure that parents, staff, and the community are prepared for any changes to the school schedule that might occur as a result of inclement weather.

Are we having school?

The superintendent will obtain information from weather forecasts and district personnel about road conditions to determine whether school should be cancelled, delayed or dismissed early due to severe weather.

How will we know?

Information about school cancellations, delays and early dismissals will be posted to the district website at We also will notify you via ParentSquare phone calls and email messages.


Is it safe to go outside?

Just because the view outside your window is clear doesn’t mean it is for others. CCS will assess road conditions across the county and evaluate whether it is safe to put buses, student drivers and employees on the road.

When are make-up days?

Make-up days are designated in the school year calendar. Saturdays also are an option for making up missed school days. Make-up days will be posted on our district website and other communications channels.

What else should I know?

Remember that the information posted to CCS sites is the official information from the district. We encourage parents to have childcare arrangements set in anticipation of school closings and delays. Our KIDS:PLUS programs are not open when school is closed for inclement weather.

Information about closings and delays for Kids:Plus


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