NCMS Titans Robotics Team Finalists in NC State Competition

Final Rankings

After the qualifying rounds our team was bracketed with another team to play another teamwork round.

In line for the skills round

Skills rounds were competitions in which a pair of students played an unpaired game. Driver teams tried to make as many points as possible by running the robot with the controller. Autonomous skills involved programming the robot to work on its own. We learned some things about these rounds when we arrived. If a robot messed up while running the program, the team was allowed to restart it back at the starting place. Teams used this by making short simple programs and restarting often. 

Sportsmanship Award

Team Titans won the Sportsmanship award.

Teamwork Award

Team Titans won the Teamwork Championship Award along with the team we were in an alliance with in the finals. This was the main award, the whole enchilada.

Team Photo

We found a nice mural to get a picture in front of. 

Robot and Awards

Our robot and the awards he won. 

We automatically qualify for the state competition on March 11. It will be held right back here at Jay M. Robinson.