1. Am I an eligible candidate?

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The answer to this question depends upon whether you want to participate in the State loan process or if you plan to self-pay.

A. If you want the State loan you must meet the following criteria:

  • have completed three full years in NC Public Schools
  • hold a valid, clear, continuing Standard Professional II NC teaching license
  • have not previously received state funds for participating in the NBPTS assessment
  • are engaged in classroom instruction, media work, or counseling 70% of the academic year

* If you have just completed your third full year in NC, please wait until mid-July to apply or you application may be rejected and your fee is non-refundable.    


B.  If you would like to pay the $1900 assessment fee, you must meet the following criteria:

  • hold a bachelor's degree
  • have completed three full years of teaching/counseling experience
  • possess a valid state teaching/counseling license for that period of time, or, if teaching where a license is not required, have taught in schools recognized and approved to operate by the state
*The three years of experience do not have to be from North Carolina.