CCP Students - What to know now to get started!

Welcome back to school and to the 2020-21 school year!   Most CCP courses are scheduled to begin the week of 8/31/2020.  A select few students have courses beginning the week of 8/17.  Those students will be getting a separate email with dates/times of their course.  If you do not receive a separate email, assume your course starts on 8/31.  

I will be sending more information via email to students to help you get started in your CCP courses over the next few days.  This information will also be posted here on this site.  Check back often.  


Look for a CCP Canvas page to house all of our important information coming soon.  

UPDATES to the YES Center

WE have a new YES Center Coordinator, Mrs. Heather Schoch.  She will be managing the YES Center virtually and will be available virtually for you all.  I have taken over the position as School Counselor for last names E-K, as Mr. Roach is now at the new high school.  I will still be working with both the CCP and NCVPS programs, but I will be based in the S-3 office. 


  1.  WEBADVISOR: Login to your RCCC WebAdvisor account to verify your course start dates.  See how to at the bottom of this page and see the RCCC login sheet.
  2. First Day of School 8/17:  Plan to login on the 1st day of school virtually to receive important information from Ms. Angie and Ms. Schoch during your designated class period. If you are not able to do so during the designated time, check Ms. Angie's website for information. Information and links to meetings will be posted on Ms. Angie's webpage. 
  3. RCCC ORIENTATION: If this is your first CCP or online course, you will need to watch the Orientation Sessions at RCCC:


Important Links

  1. Blackboard: This is how you will access your online class.  Site can be found via; click on Quick Links; click on Blackboard.      ****Note: your course will not be viewable until the actual start date. 
  2. Email: Check your RCCC AND CMHS student email daily for updates from your professor and Cox Mill.  This is required and the only way to communicate with your professor.   This can be found via; click on Quick Links; click on Email.  See attached login sheet for how to log in.


  1. Books:  Some books are included in your student account as etexts free of charge and will be accessible when you login to Blackboard.  If your course requires a book, e-text, or book access website, you may be eligible to be reimbursed for the fee, IF you receive approval beforehand.  More information will be provided closer to the start date. 
  2. Placeholders on Schedule: Your Cox Mill schedule may have your course name listed as "CCP Placeholder Fall" or another placeholder.  The actual name of the course will be added to your Cox Mill schedule soon.  
  3. Fees: Some CCP courses require an additional fee NOT paid by the school.  Students are responsible for paying this fee. Failure to pay this fee may result in not being eligible for future CCP courses. To see course fees, log into your RCCC Webadvisor.  I will provide more information on this next week. 
  4. Transcript: Your FINAL grade in this course will be provided to me at the END of the course and will go on your HIGH SCHOOL transcript and your COLLEGE transcript.  Be mindful and diligent in your work, knowing that this will be on your permanent college transcript.  

Thanks! More info to come soon! Hope it's a great semester!