January 2021

Posted by Andrina Forward on 1/5/2021



Welcome Back parents to the end of our first semester and second quarter. As we begin quarter 3 on January 18th, there are a few developments that I want to bring to your attention.


Firstly, I-Ready lessons should be completed weekly (at least two lessons). These lessons are graded during the current week. I will no longer have students making up lessons weeks after. These lessons carry a test grade. This has already been explained to our students.


Additionally, assignments will be closed two weeks after it is due. This will encourage the student to complete tasks when assigned. No extensions unless a written, valid excuse by parent or medical reason.

Finally, Let us encourage our students to attend all classes. Grades are often reflective of lack of attendance and lack of participation. Often times, our students rush through or submit incomplete work. Let us help our students excel.

Please feel free to email me at andrina.forward@cabarrus.k12.nc. us or call me at (980) 349 8658

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!