First Day (8/17-8/21)

Posted by Andrina Forward on 8/12/2020 6:00:00 AM



Happy First week of School.

I am excited to start this week with you. This blog will give you a bit of housekeeping for my class. I will also post answer keys for student assignments to help you help them.

This week, we will be focusing on assisting your student /scholar get acclamated to our LMS, that is, Canvas as well as our communication forum, Mirosoft Teams and Emails.


What Parents need to continue to do

Check Powerschool every week (Tuesday) for your students' tasks and grades. If you do not have access to powerschool, please request access via Powerschool Parent letter. Check your working email for weekly updates on assignments and tasks. I will be using the email on your student's registration file unless you send me an updated email.


What your student needs to do

Per your student's schedule, he or she will log into microsoft teams for live instruction. His or her subject teacher will add your student to the class on teams. Students will just need to log in to Microsoft Teams on their device and click on my class. My teams are set up to the time their class is scheduled. If Math is the third period- then they are in Math 3rd on.


Students should have also received a copy of their schedules via their student emails.

Students can watch how to get into their emails Access student emails

 As a parent, you can add yourself to your student's canvas class to monitor his or her tasks: Canvas for Parents

If you need assistance, feel free to call me as well on 980 349 8658 (cell). I will respond to your calls within 24 hours.