Athletic Workouts, Performing Arts to Resume

Athletic Workouts, Performing Arts to Resume 09/09/2020
CCS is set to begin phased-in approach for voluntary skill development sessions and performing arts on Sept. 14th. The phased-in, two-week re-entry plan begins with volleyball, cross country and swimming (land workouts).
Two-Week Staggered Re-entry to Skill Development Workouts Timeline
Sept. 14
Volleyball; Cross Country; Swimming (land workouts); Theatre Ensembles
Sept. 28
Basketball; Men’s Soccer; Cheerleading
Oct. 12
Football; Band; Chorus
Oct. 26
Softball; Men’s and Women’s Golf; Women’s Soccer; Men’s Tennis
Nov. 9
Baseball; Women’s Tennis; Wrestling
Before workouts resume, athletes and parents must take care of the following items before participation in any skill development session will be allowed.
Before arriving to Skill Development:
  • Complete your Online Athletic Participation Registration. For planning and safety purposes, if you are planning to attend the first workout on Sept. 14th (volleyball, cross country, swim) then you will need to have your registration completed by midnight on Sept. 11th.
  • Make sure you have a valid Physical Examination on file. If your last physical was on or after March 19th of 2019, then your physical will be valid through this coming school year.
  • Complete the NCHSAA Initial Screening Questions for Students to Participate in Athletic Activity During COVID-19 Form. Must be signed by both athlete and parent.
This form will be available on your school’s athletic website.
  • Secure a Mask/Face Covering. Bring a Ziploc bag to store your mask in while actively participating in the workouts.
  • Secure a water bottle with your name on it to bring to the workouts.
  • You must have proof of all “FIVE” items before you will be allowed admittance to workouts.
What else will take place at “Check In” for you to have a successful “Check In”?
  • Get your temperature checked. (Must be under 100.4 degrees).
  • You will then be assigned a workout group and pod that you will stay with each day.
  • Once checked in, you will get a squirt of hand sanitizer and then move to a “waiting area” in which you will maintain social distancing.
  • Additional Information will be posted on your school’s athletic web page regarding specific workout times and what time you need to arrive for “Check In”.
What will take place at workouts?
  • You will work out with a group of 50 or less in an outside group OR 25 or less in an inside group. (Currently NO inside workouts will be allowed).
  • These groups will be broken down into smaller “PODS” in which the athlete will stay with each day.
  • Workouts will last for a maximum of 90 minutes…probably less the first week.
  • Workouts will only take place twice a week for the first two weeks of that sports entry.
  • Conditioning and Acclimatization will be the main focus for week one.
  • Social Distancing Guidelines must be in effect the whole time… 6 feet or more.
  • You will NOT have to wear a mask/face covering while actively participating in conditioning activities, but one must be worn at all other times.
Exiting Workouts:
  • Social Distancing should occur while leaving the practice area.
  • Get a squirt of hand sanitizer when leaving the practice area.
  • You will need to leave campus immediately upon the completion of your workout.
  • Please have your ride there on time.
  • We are highly discouraging carpooling to and from workouts.
  • We encourage you to immediately take a shower once you get home and to wash your workout clothes.
Other restrictions to be aware of:
  • Restrooms will be available in emergency situations only as they will need to be cleaned after each use.
  • There will be NO access to the Weight Room.
  • NO access to Locker Rooms or Field Houses
  • Will NOT be able to use Water Fountains.
  • “NO TOUCHING” of teammates or coaches at any time. (No fist bumps, no high fives, no shaking hands, no hugging).
  • NO Spitting
NO Spectators will be allowed outside of their cars.