Posted by Felicia Fluid on 9/16/2020

The ESL Department will be hosting  “Guia Hacia La Universidad -Guide to University” a virtual workshop for Spanish-speaking families. I have included the details below. You can find the flyer on the Student Services – ESL Resources canvas course under Spanish Language Parent Workshops. Please share this with your juniors and seniors. 

Date: September 30, 2020 

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00 pm  

Location: Virtually via Microsoft Teams 

Presenter: JuanES Ramirez, CFNC State         

Representative for Spanish Services 

Information:  Attendees will learn how to navigate to apply to colleges and find financial aid information. They will also learn about RDS. 

You can also find updated information on scholarships for undocumented students by clicking on the Working with Undocumented Students button and looking under the Scholarships and Financial Aid section.  Note: The QUESTBRIDGE scholarship is open and the deadline is September 29, 2020. It is open to all students regardless of citizenship – most students find out about this too late because the deadline is earlier than most.  

FYI re TPS (Temporary Protected Status) – You may have heard on the news that a federal appeals court panel ruled that the Trump administration can end humanitarian protections for some immigrants living in the US. It affects citizens from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan. Immigrants from these countries can be subject to removal starting in January. This may cause additional stress to our families who are here under TPS. I’ll be posting updates and resources this week. You should get a Canvas notification when I do.