Why take CCP?

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Many high school students are taking dual-credit/dual-enrollment courses to get an early start on their college and career education.  Because North Carolina pays tuition costs for CCP, Cabarrus County Schools covers textbook costs, and many credits earned are transferable to public four-year colleges in North Carolina, CCP (or dual enrollment) is an excellent way to get a jump start.  Additionally, the list of CCP courses available to students expands options for classes in high school.  This is especially helpful for seniors who feel they have "taken everything they want to take." 

In addition to adding options for more rigor, CCP classes earn both high school and college credit.  Students will see CCP classes reflected on their CMHS transcript.  They will also be reflected on the student's RCCC transcript.  Courses taken in the CCP College Transfer Pathway earn weighted quality points, similar to AP classes for those in the Class of 2019 and later.