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Lunch Visitors

Lunch Visitors -  Process for the 2022-2023 School Year (Beginning October 2022)

We are excited to welcome parents back into the building to visit during lunch. We will begin these procedures in October. This year we will be utilizing a weekly visitor rotation to allow for enough room for students and visitors. The rotation also helps us maintain our safety procedures.  If you plan to visit your child, you will need to sign in at the office. Due to limited seating you may only visit during your child’s assigned lunch time.   At the assigned lunch time, we ask that you meet your child in the cafeteria.  Parents are asked to take only their child to the designated area for lunch (high top tables In the back of the cafeteria or high top counter on the side of the cafeteria.  When lunch is over, we ask that you say goodbye in the cafeteria and head directly to the office to sign out. We ask that you do not head to your child's classroom. The students have a very busy day and instruction will begin as soon as they return. Again, this helps us maintain our safety procedures. If you plan to bring lunch for your child, we ask that you refrain from bringing fast food. Please see the schedule below for your lunch visit day.
Lunch Rotation Based On The First Letter of Your Child's Last Name
Week One: Last Names A-G
Week Two: Last Names H-N
Week Three:  Last Names O-S
Week Four: Last Names T-Z