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Student Health Information

If your student will require medications on campus for the 2020-2021 school year, please go ahead and have their medical physician fill out the required medication authorization form that can be found on our school's webpage, which you can locate by going to West Cabarrus High School's webpage and clicking "School Health" then "Documents". There you will be able to find an "Asthma Action Plan" for inhalers/nebulizers, a "Diabetic Management Plan" for diabetic orders, "Emergency Seizure Action Plan" for seizure medications, and a generic "Medication Authorization" form for all other medications.  A new medication order form is required every school year as they do not roll  over from year to year. It can often take doctors offices a few weeks to return these to you so it would be best to go ahead and have these completed as quickly as possible so your student will be prepared to have their medications on campus the first day of school. If your student will be self carrying and self-administering any physician prescribed medications, these forms will still need to be completed by their physician and signed by a parent stating they can self-administer. The form should be turned into the School Nurse before they bring the medication on campus. Medications that will be kept in the Health office and administered by school staff should be brought in by a parent and handed directly to the School Nurse only once medication order form has been completed and signed by the physician and parent.  If your child needs a medical procedure completed at school please ensure you have had the physician fill out the Specialized Healthcare Procedure form found on the same site before the first day of school and prior to bringing in any supplies.


If you have any questions or need assistance with either of these, please feel free to call Nurse Alisha at 704-260-5987 or email her at please include a call back number where you can be reached.