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Welcome, Class of 2035! Registration for kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year is open. Early registration facilitates a smooth transition into kindergarten, so we encourage families to take advantage of the opportunity to register their child(ren) during Spring Registration.

You can complete your child’s registration online by visiting the CCS Student Enrollment page and follow the instructions. Children who are 5 years old on or before August 31, 2022, are eligible to register for kindergarten. To begin the enrollment process, click here to create an enrollment account and submit a "New Student Enrollment" application.


You will need the following information and documents to complete your registration:

1. Photo ID of Parent/Legal Guardian

2. Child's Birth Certificate with Parent name(s)

3. Child's Immunization Record

4. Proof of Domicile (2 required, see below)

  • Source 1: Deed, lease, closing, settlement statement or property tax statement showing the property is owned or rented by you and is within the school's boundaries
  • Source 2: Current driver's license, recent pay stub, Medicaid card, motor vehicle registration, current statement (e.g. bank statement, utility bill) showing the correct address

5. Kindergarten Health Assessment and Immunizations: This is required by North Carolina Statute. Students who do not have this completed after 30 days following the start of school will not be allowed to attend until the requirements are met. All schools and local physicians are aware of the requirements and have the proper forms that are needed for documentation.


Program Choice Kindergarten Registration

Program Choice applications for incoming kindergarten students open April 1st-30th. If you are applying to a Program Choice school during this window, please enroll your child at the home school assigned based on your address. If your child is accepted to a Program Choice school, his/her registration records will be transferred to the Program Choice school.

If you have more specific questions regarding Program Choice and Kindergarten Registration, please visit the Program Choice website. Enrollment for families who accepted a Program Choice seat in February will automatically transfer to the school with the accepted Program Choice seat.


What is a Program Choice school?

Program Choice is the opportunity for families to choose an instructional style or theme that is a best fit for their student.

  • Program Choice allows parents to apply for a program of interest.
  • School assignment is determined by the students' address.
  • 17 programs are offered in grades 6-12; seven programs are available for kindergarten students.


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