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Youth Art Month Winners

Youth Art Month logo Youth Art Month Award Winners 
Students who submitted artwork for the 2021 Youth Art Month observance were recognized at a Virtual Awards Ceremony on April 13th. You can see all of the award-winning selections here: Congratulations to the following students: YAM Awards
Outstanding Artist Awards: Sponsored by the Cabarrus Arts Council
  • Presented by Noelle Rhodes Scott, President & CEO, Cabarrus Arts Council
    • Elementary: Aakansh Karthik, Radial Relief Sculpture, Cox Mill Elementary School, Mrs. Dagenhart
    • Middle: Rachel Nowak, Words & Actions Matter, Harris Road Middle School, Ms. Nieske
    • High: Neerali Parich, Michelle, Concord High School, Mr. Mirabelli
Budding Young Artist Awards: Sponsored by the Cabarrus Art Guild
  • Carol Vuchnich, Budding Artist Committee Chairperson, Cabarrus Art Guild
    • Kindergarten: Londynn Kale, Shape Alligator, Coltrane-Webb Elementary School, Ms. Godzisz
    • 1st Grade: Jane Wang, Color Experiment, Cox Mill Elementary School, Mrs. Lizarazo
    • 2nd Grade: Reaan Kedia, 3D Shapes, Cox Mill Elementary School, Mrs. Dagenhart
    • 3rd Grade: Dylan Caputo, Winter Bird, Harrisburg Elementary School, Mrs. Galloway
    • 4th Grade: Kayla Elsishans, Cubes, Cox Mill Elementary School, Mrs. Dagenhart
    • 5th Grade: Madelyn Terry, Lightbulb, Harrisburg Elementary School, Mrs. Galloway
Grade Level Excellence Awards: Sponsored by Cabarrus County Schools C&I Department
  • Selected by Sarah Reeves, Mary Beth Roth & Ben Allred, CCS Level Directors
    • Elementary: Kehmia Nwana, Tropical Morning, Harrisburg Elementary School, Mrs. Galloway
    • Middle: Yamone Oo, The World Around, Harris Road Middle School, Ms. Carpenter
    • High: Julie Woycik, Splash of Color, Central Cabarrus High School, Mrs. Floeter
Superintendent’s Choice Awards: Sponsored by the Cabarrus County Education Foundation 
  • Presented by Mr. Brian Schultz, Interim Superintendent & Ms. Amy Gough, CCEF Project Director
    • Elementary: Holden Martin, Water Droplets, Cox Mill Elementary School, Mrs. Lizarazo
    • Middle: Varsha Ezlihan, Owl, Hickory Ridge Middle School, Ms. Kiral
    • High: Matt MacDougall, Joy, Central Cabarrus High School, Mrs. Landers
Visit the Fine Arts Focus page to view the 2021 Youth Art Month Gallery.