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WHES Raises Funds for Clean Well

WHES Raises Funds for Clean Well 05/23/2019


As an International Baccalaureate school with a global focus, Weddington Hills Elementary School students in kindergarten through fifth grade participated in a service learning project about the world’s water crisis in Kate Highsmith’s global inquiry and design class. Students read picture books about children around the world who walk to carry water for their families. Students were given the opportunity to experience some of the challenges facing the characters in the book by carrying partially filled jerry cans short distances. Fifth grade students wrote, filmed, and tweeted their own 30-second commercials informing social media followers about how they can help end the water crisis.


Students set an ambitious goal of raising $10,000 to build a well in a village that lacked access to clean water. With the support of students, who collected spare change, families, and community partners, Weddington Hills exceeded its goal and raised $10,223! The money collected has been donated to Charity:Water, an organization that is committed to ending the water crisis by 2030. WHES will receive GPS coordinates and photographs of the construction of the well so that they can see the tangible results of their hard work. We are proud of the caring and global awareness the Weddington Wildcats have shown!