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CMS Impacts Community Through IB

CMS Impacts Community Through IB 05/03/2019

Concord Middle School 8th graders recently completed their yearlong IB Community Service Projects and made an impact on our community. Students identified areas of need including domestic violence, education, bullying, animal abuse, homelessness, discrimination, hunger, and more. After completing research using articles, books, videos, and community visitors, small groups of students identified ways they could help these needs. Among the many projects students taught lessons about kindness and nutrition at Irvin Elementary, several students made items to sell such as dog treats and baked goods to raise money for different nonprofits, one group of students collected personal stories of immigration and made a book for a local nonprofit, and some students made craft kits to donate to the patients at Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital.

Through a grant from the Corning Incorporated Foundation, students were able to acquire supplies needed to make an impact and make their goals reality. Students made fleece blankets, hand-sewn pillow cases, and motivational bracelets to donate to CVAN for domestic violence victims. Other groups of students decorated cards for a local nursing home and created hands-on games and craft kits for children at an afterschool program.

The IB Community Project enables students to participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry demonstrating skills, attitudes, and knowledge within a global context. Students are challenged to investigate, plan, take action, and then reflect as the culmination of their middle school IB education.