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CCS Hosts Tournament of Mathletes

CCS Hosts Tournament of Mathletes 04/15/2019

The Cabarrus County Schools Gifted Education department hosted the third annual Tournament of Mathletes on Saturday, April 6 at Winkler Middle School. Throughout the year highly advanced math students participated in their school Math Olympiad Teams. This spring, the top five scorers from each school were selected to represent their school at the CCS Tournament of Mathletes. Students participated in the Individual Event, in which they were asked to solve 10 challenging problems in 30 minutes, completely on their own. All five students from each school worked together for the Team Event in which they had 30 minutes to solve 10 problems. We congratulate all of the teams and mathletes for their amazing math talents and perseverance which brought them to the tournament!

Individual Event Winners

1st Place: Sara Shuford, Harrisburg Elementary

2nd Place: Ankit Biswas, Cox Mill Elementary

3rd Place: Sushrut Thadamakadla, W.R. Odell Elementary

Team Event Winners

1st Place: Harrisburg Elementary School

Parker Donald

Sara Shuford

Leah Edwards

Carsten Davis

Varshita Bogga


2nd Place: Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary School

Pragathi Akula

Kourtney Kellis

Deeta Chimakurty

Abigail Williams

Sai Alleni


3rd Place: Cox Mill Elementary School

Silas Lowder

Dalton Griffin

Isabelle Gilmore

Emma Henry

Amber Kepley