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CCS VEX Teams Impress During Tournaments

CCS VEX Teams Impress During Tournaments 03/14/2019


The 2019 VEX Tournament Season is in the books! Student teams from our elementary, middle, and high schools have been competing for a chance to attend the VEX World Competition. The Chase Robotics NCMS team, the RoboTigers MPMS team, and the Robinson Bulldogs 5139C team qualified to represent Cabarrus County Schools at the VEX World Competition in April!


VEX IQ Challenge: Elementary Division

Amaze Award: 77007B Odell Masterbolts, W. R. Odell Elementary School

Build Award: 59313A Queen Bees, Harrisburg Elementary School

Teamwork 2nd Place Award: 96210W WMES Wolves, Wolf Meadow Elementary School

Sportsmanship Award: 28124P Rockstar Robotics, Mt. Pleasant Elementary School

Think Award: 77007A Odell Skele-Cats, W. R. Odell Elementary School

Volunteer of the Year: Bryson Foster


VEX IQ Challenge: Middle Division

Build Award: 5560E Knightmares, J. N. Fries Middle School

Create Award: 5560F Techno Knights, J. N. Fries Middle School

Teamwork Champion Award: 66282B Chase Robotics, Northwest Cabarrus Middle School  

Teamwork Champion Award: 72673B RoboTigers, Mt. Pleasant Middle School


VEX Robotics Competition: Middle/High Division

Tournament Finalists: 5139D Robinson Bulldogs, Jay M. Robinson High School

Excellence Award (High School): 5139C Robinson Bulldogs, Jay M. Robinson High School