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CCHS and MPMS Represent at NCTSA Conference

CCHS and MPMS Represent at NCTSA Conference 02/28/2019


Central Cabarrus High School and Mount Pleasant Middle School recently attended the annual Technology Student Association Western Region Conference at Appalachian State University. This was the third year that both Central Cabarrus High and Mount Pleasant Middle have had a TSA chapter and the third year the chapters have attended the conference. Technology Student Association (TSA) is one of seven Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) that enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs.  


Congratulations to the following students that were recognized for their performance:


Central Cabarrus High

Architectural Design

Chikaodili Ezeigbo, Alacia McClary, Ava Thornton: 4th place 

Board Game Design  

Hailee Bryan, Connor Burke, Christian Dunlap, Zayn Imran, Nicklaus Kearns, Jacob Smith: 4th place

Children’s Stories   

Guiselle Garcia, Sarah Savage, Jacob Scruggs, Amy Simineau, Will Taylor, Jasmine Toepfer: 1st place 


Taylor Dye, Emily Lin: 5th place

Computer Aided Design 3D, Engineering     

Noah Taylor: 1st place

Digital Video Production       

Connor Burke, Dylan Burke, Issac Kunesh, Christopher Little, Blaine Mercer, Tyler Warlick: 1st place

Thomas Baker, Christian Dunlap, Jacob Larem, Kiran Patil and Jacob Smith: 2nd place

Digital Video 

Farouk Charkas, Zayn Imran, Mahad Lone: 4th place

Digital Video Production       

Emerson Baker, Nicklaus Kearns, Colin Kirila, Elvin Liu, Jake Meckley, Tate Moretz: 5th place

Dragster Design     

Connor Burke: 7th place

Zayn Imran: 7th place

Blaine Mercer: 7th place

Fashion Design & Technology    

Jackson Arno, Emily Lin, Mastawal Tirfe: 2nd place  

Lily Aliff, Thomas Baker, Mackenzie Hansen: 3rd place

Flight Endurance 

Elvin Liu: 1st place

Music Production    

Makenna Little, Sarah Savage, Jacob Scruggs, Amy Simineau, Olivia Taylor, Jasmine Toepfer: 3rd place

Photographic Technology     

Hailee Bryan: 1st place

Mackenzie Hansen: 3rd place

Joseph Palko: 4th place

Tegan Kleineick: 12th  place

Prepared Presentation        

Tyler Warlick: 1st place

Dustin Hillenblerg: 2nd place

Technology Bowl 

Farouk Charkas, Nicklaus Kearns, Mahad Lone: 3rd place

Technology Problem Solving

Cameron Mangan, Jacob Smith: 7th place 

Transportation Modeling

Emily Bell: 6th place


Mount Pleasant Middle


Problem Solving

Marco Penission and James Clark: 3rd place 

Structural Engineering

Abby Isenhour and Mary-Mak Burris: 2nd place

Children's Stories

Hannah Davis: 2nd place

Promotional Marketing

Mary-Mak Burris: 1st

VEX IQ Teamwork Champions

Team 72673A (Emma Layton, Carter McConnell, Randy Troutman)

Team 72673B (Charlee Coley, Emma Grace Swinson, Ella Barber, Tristan Clapp)