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Summer Meals Available

Cabarrus County Schools will offer free summer meals to children in Cabarrus County beginning Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Children up to age 18 are eligible to receive the meals.
Meals will be delivered via buses to locations throughout the county for students to pick up. The grab-n-go meal delivery service will continue through June 30, 2022.
Waivers granted during COVID by the USDA will expire on June 30th. For this reason,  beginning Tuesday, July 5th through Thursday, August 19th, free lunches will be available but children will be required to eat their meals on the bus. Please see the frequently asked questions section below for more information.


Summer Meals FAQs

Preguntas Frecuentes de Comidas de Verano

Why are kids required to eat on the bus? During COVID, USDA granted waivers to the requirement for children to eat meals at the pick-up site. This waiver ends on June 30th, so children must remain on site for the meal. As a result, we will no longer be allowed to give meals to children to take home.


Are kids going to eat on a hot bus? No, we are running routes on air-conditioned activity buses. The buses stop at each site for a set amount of time to allow children time to eat. We use a bus instead of a delivery truck so that children can come in out of the sun and eat their meals in a cool environment.

Why can’t parents pick up meals for their kids? This, too, was a waiver granted by USDA allowing meals to be picked up by a parent/guardian. This waiver also ends on June 30th, meaning the children must come to the pickup site and remain there to eat. We will no longer be allowed to give meals to children or parents to take home.

Will parents be allowed on the bus with their child? Yes.

Will all the buses be wheelchair accessible? We will do our best to accommodate disabilities. Please contact us at 704-260-5558.

What about kids in other parts of the county? During COVID, we had another USDA waiver of the requirement to only serve meals in areas where there are 50% or more households eligible for free or reduced price meals. We were allowed to establish meal sites anywhere in our district. This waiver also expires on June 30th, unfortunately, making it impossible for us to serve in other areas where it could be a benefit. We would eagerly serve in other parts of the county but the end of this waiver means we don’t have that option.

Are there school locations that are open? All of our meals are being served at bus stops this year. Due to the extreme unreliability of food and supply orders this year during the major disruption of the supply chain, we were not confident in our ability to reliably serve meals at any more sites than we currently have. We hope this will not be an issue next summer.

Do we have a lot of leftovers? No. We start off with an estimated amount of meals needed based on past experience. Every day, the SNP staff on the bus report how many meals were distributed and the amounts for the next day are adjusted accordingly in order to avoid food waste as much as possible.

Do taxpayers fund this program? Yes and no. No local funding goes into this program. Only a small amount of funds come from the State. Most of the funding comes from the federal government as appropriated by the U.S. Congress. Congress did not fund the continuation of the waivers impacting school meals, forcing these changes.

Will this negatively impact our students? That is our main concern. At CCS, we want to serve as many students as we possibly can, and were hoping that these waivers would continue for at least another year, allowing all students to obtain meals at no cost to them. The decision to continue these programs that make it easier for students to obtain meals is in the hands of the U.S. Congress. If you would like to share your concerns on this decision, contact your U.S. senators and representatives.  You can also contact your state legislators to encourage them to reach out to the U.S. Congress as well.




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