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Public Information Session – Student Realignment

Public Information Session – Student Realignment 10/19/2018


The Student Realignment Committee will host a Public Information Session on Wednesday, Nov. 7th at 5:30 p.m. at Jay M. Robinson High School, located at 300 Pitts School Road SW in Concord. At this session, the committee will present updated realignment options and receive feedback from attendees.


In preparation for the public session, you can follow the work of the committee on the Student Realignment website. This page is designed to serve as a repository for all materials related to the student realignment process. You can reference the important links located on the page to gain a full understanding of the process and progress of the realignment committee.


Even though members of the public cannot participate in the meeting discussions, you are encouraged to provide ongoing input via the feedback form.


This is the third of three Public Information Sessions designed to share the committee’s work. Cropper GIS was hired by the district to lead the student realignment effort. Committee members were selected from more than 100 applications submitted earlier this spring.