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CCS Receives Award for Strategic Leadership

CCS Receives Award for Strategic Leadership 11/08/2016

TREGO Cabarrus County Schools has been selected as a recipient of the 2016 Benjamin B. Tregoe Award for Strategic Leadership in Education, which is given to school districts that achieve enduring results using TregoED tools for collaborative problem solving and decision making.

Executive Director of TregoED Kathryn Blackburn presented the award to Superintendent Chris Lowder, Dr. Cheryl Milam, former director of middle schools for CCS and district TregoED trainer, and Amy Lowder, psychological services coordinator and district TregoED trainer, at the Board of Education work session on Monday, Nov. 7th.

CCS was selected for the award because of our district’s commitment to including stakeholders and collaborative strategies in district decision making. CCS has achieved results by developing a system-wide process with a common language to address challenges, most notably, our systematic and transparent budget process, which includes soliciting input from all levels in the district and utilizing a budget committee comprised of school district employees, county employees, parents and community members. Our budget process is comprehensive and strategic, which has resulted in increased understanding and buy-in by diverse stakeholders.

Our district also is using TregoED processes in other areas such as math achievement, technology planning, choosing student programs, hiring decisions, and developing and implementing a comprehensive school choice plan. Staff members at various levels of the organization are trained to use the process and select staff are selected to receive special training in order to lead colleagues through the process.

In presenting the award, Blackburn said, “We are so proud that Cabarrus County has committed to clear-sighted and courageous decision making. They have demonstrated an application for the value of all-inclusive collaboration and a belief in what people can achieve when given the right tools and the opportunity to use them. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with this district and its leadership to help achieve their goals.”