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Help with Math: Check out Dreambox


Parent Access Setup, Questions and What the Symbols Mean

Each school has a unique web address (URL) and code allowing access to the account at home on a computer and an iPad through the DreamBox Learning app. 
 School Code: 9ukn/harrisburge

What if my Student Forgot Their Username and Password?

If you do not have their username and password and they do not remember it, please contact your child's teacher directly to request his or her username and password.

Accessing The Student Account from a Computer

To start, launch a web browser on your computer and enter in the unique web address (URL) provided by the school:

Locate this web address, and type it in your web browser’s Address Bar. Be sure not to type this into a search engine (example: Google, Yahoo, Bing), as it will only provide search results.
Once you have accessed the school's login page, have the student select their classroom name or, if prompted, enter their username and password.

Should your child not have their login credentials (username/password), we ask that the student’s teacher/school be contacted for further assistance as they have ownership of the account. For privacy/security reasons, we are unable to provide this information.

Accessing The Student Account from an iPad

After you have downloaded the app, the next step is to sign in using your school code so the app is ready for your student.  Tap the DreamBox Math to launch DreamBox and bring up the Welcome screen.  Click SCHOOL to start setting up access.

Type in our school code "9ukn/harrisburge" and hit PLAY.

You will see a list of classrooms for your student's school, click your student's classroom to continue.

Depending on how your student accesses DreamBox at school, you will be presented with a list of student names if they use a picture password, or you will see a form asking for your student's username and password.

NOTE: Once you have entered in the school code, you will not need to enter it in again unless you remove the DreamBox app and download it again.

How to Set up Parent Access

NOTE: Setting up Parent Access can only be done when the student is logged in on a computer or Mac, you will not see the option to set up Parent Access if the student is logged in on an iPad.

After the student has logged in and their DreamBox session has started, click a link below the DreamBox Activity Window that says "set up parent access".  Click the “EXIT” button and follow the online instructions to set up a new Parent Dashboard account.
NOTE: If you already have a Parent Dashboard, either through another student, a Home account, or because you signed up for a free trial in the past, make sure you select “I am a current customer” while setting up parent access.

No Parent Access Link Available

If not Set up parent access link appears please make sure you are logging into the Student's DreamBox account on a computer or Mac and not on the iPad, as this option will not appear on the iPad.  

If you had previously set up Parent Access with another email address, you will not see the link to set up access as the account has already been linked.  Please contact DreamBox Learning Support for assistance in removing access and linking the correct account.

Linking a Second Student to Your Account

To link an additional student to your parent dashboard, use the same process you used to link your first student with one difference, this time selecting the option that you are a current customer. 

1) Open their DreamBox school page on your desktop or laptop computer (not your iPad) and sign in as your child. 

2) Click the "Setup Parent Access" link in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You will be prompted to exit the student version of DreamBox. Click the "Exit" button.

3) This time you ARE a current customer. When prompted, enter the personal email address and password you use to sign in to your Parent Dashboard. This will link your child's school account to your Parent Dashboard. 

Repeat these steps if you have another student you'd like to link to your Parent Dashboard.

What do the Symbols Mean?

 K-2 Primary Symbols  3-5 Intermediate Symbols
 Primary  Intermediate

Here are four easy tips for making sure your child excels in DreamBox Learning!

Unplug and Listen

Dreambox is a strategy based program, it is teaching your child the most efficent way to solve a math problem.  Listening to the actual lesson can help you understand how your child engages with this program.  


Stay on Task

To make sure your child's progress is swift and accurate, keep them focused on any recommended lessons from their teacher. This will be either flashing yellow lessons in the Adventure Park, or lessons with gold coins on their My Lessons page. In upper grades, encourage your child to listen to the videos twice before attempting the new lessons.

Complete Every Lesson They Start
DreamBox needs the completed information from recommended lessons to help pick the next best lesson for your child. If your child doesn't complete the lesson, either by exiting or by closing the browser, DreamBox cannot make these choices. Your child then has to redo the lesson they didn't finish again from the beginning. So to reduce frustration, have them complete all lessons they begin.  

Mistakes are OK

Your child should not shy away from incorrect answers. These wrong answers actually help DreamBox find the best lesson for them to help build their strengths. Your child should not use paper and pencil to complete the lesson.

Would you like to create a parent account to view your child's progress in Dreambox and access more tips?  Check Out Dreambox Help under the Current Happenings in the section below.