Student Support Services (S3)

CCP Textbooks


Before Course: Request Textbook

  • Many CCP courses require textbooks or other materials.  CCS may have books available to students to check out or may provide approval to purchase for Reimbursement.  Many courses provide a free E-text already downloaded into your account for the course, so you may not need the actual textbook.  Please research matarials needed by logging into your RCCC Student Account on Blackboard (course syllabus or course materials), the RCCC Online Bookstore, WebAdvisor, or checking with the professor directly.  If the e-text is not available and you need the textbook, you may request reimbursement by following these steps: 
    1. Identify the course, textbook title, author, and edition needed.
    2. Submit your request at the link above.
    3. Allow a minimum of 1 week for processing.
    4. Check the email you provided for a response to your request from Mrs. Walker, Assistant Principal.  You may receive an approval to purchase the book, or a notification to check out the book (from Cox Mill library), and instructions on doing so.
    5. Save any receipt from purchase and submit to Mrs. Walker by February 28th, if you were approved for reimbursement.

End of Course: Return Book/Receipt

    • If you checked out a book from Cox Mill, return the book to Mrs. Walker in good condition by the deadline. 
    • If you received prior approval to purchase the book for reimbursement, submit receipt and book to Mrs. Walker by February 28th.  
    • Reimbursements will be processed the last week of each semester.  Students will be notified via email of when/where to pick up the reimbursement check. 
    • No Reimbursement reqeusts will be accepted after the deadline or if the proper procedure was not followed by student. 

Textbook Tips

  • What is reimbursable?  What is NOT reimbursable?
    • Textbooks
    • E-Textbooks
    • Access Codes
    • Lab Manuals
    • Lab Resources
    • Book Rentals
    • Unwrapped Loose Leaf Books/Packets
    • Special kits (Cosmetology/Welding)
    • Items not in good, reusable condition
    • Books purchased without pre-approval may not be reimbursed

    Can I purchase the E-text?  This may be a possibility.  However, you must have prior approval from Cox Mill's Textbook Coordinator: Mrs. Walker Assistant Principal,  in order to purchase your textbook for reimbursement by submitting the Textbook Reqeust Form above.    We strive to be fiscally responsible and may already have your textbook in our inventory and available to check out.   Students/families experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for pre-purchasing (versus reimbursement) assistance.  If you have questions about textbooks, please email the textbook advisor, Mrs. Walker. See contact information below. 

    DEADLINES:  No Reimbursement requests will be accepted after the deadline or if the proper procedure was not followed by student.  
    Checked Out Books: Any books checked out by the student must be returned by the deadline or the student will be charged for the lost item, and payment will be expected immediately.  
    SUMMER COURSES:  TEXTBOOKS ARE NOT PROVIDED FOR SUMMER COURSES! CCS does NOT provide books for Summer School courses!  Students and families are responsible for textbooks and fees for Summer School classes.  

Purchasing Textbooks

    • If you submitted the Textbook Request Form and received APPROVAL from Mrs. Walker to purchase the book for reimbursement, you may choose to purchase through the RCCC Online Bookstore, Amazon, or another site where the text is available and least expensive.  
    • E-texts, Rentals, and/or Used Books should be purchased if available and least expensive.  
    • Optional books are not eligible for reimbursement. 
    • Save receipts and provide copy to Mrs. Walker by February 28th, if you wish to be reimbursed.