•  Learning Garden
  • Outdoor Classroom Instructional Board

    WR Odell Elementary School received a grant from


    to construct our outside classroom instructional board in our outdoor classroom. The instructional board will allow students to receive instruction in the outdoor classroom setting pictured in the above photograph. The grant also provides for an outdoor classroom instructional kit. The instructional kit will include a classroom set for 30 students of the following items: dry eraser boards, dry erase markers, magnifying glasses, rulers, and a large dry erase board for teacher directed instruction. The instructional board will be constructed this spring.


    Herb Garden

    A Herb Garden will be planted this spring in the courtyard. A bed was constructed this fall by an Eagle Scout Project (along the picnic benches in the outdoor classroom). The Herb Garden will be planted this spring after the threat of the first frost is gone.


    **If you wish to join our gardening committee, please contact Michelle Harper at (704) 260-6030!

Watering Video