School Choice Interactive Pathways

We have created a School Choice Interactive Pathway to help guide you through the options we have available for your child to apply for in Cabarrus County Schools.  This pathway includes the recent BOE approved School Choice plan options.


School Choice Program Overview

Purpose Statement for CCS School Choice Schools 
School Choice/Magnet schools serve three purposes in Cabarrus County:
  1. To improve academic achievement by providing challenging curriculum
  2. To provide parents with school options in selecting the most appropriate delivery method for their child(ren)
  3. To promote and maintain diversity in our schools
Each school is centered on a theme or adheres to a specific program of study.  The application process is open to any student who lives with the Cabarrus County Schools District who meets the criteria for entrance.

Placement Process

Demand for CCS School Choice programs currently exceeds seat availability.  A randomized lottery is used to select students for placement.  Decision letters are mailed in February to the families of all applicants.  Students who are not admitted at the end of the application period shall be placed on a waiting list in the order determined by the randomized lottery.  Decision letters are mailed in February to all parents of student applicants.  Students shall be admitted from the waiting list as space becomes available, up to the first student school day in the order he/she appears on the waiting list.  
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