• Your teacher may have a course housed within Canvas, a learning management system.  You can access Canvas from our home page - just click the logo.
    At home, you will be prompted to login to your Office 365 account before proceeding to Canvas.  Remember, your login is your email address, and your password is your student ID.

    Download the App

    The Canvas App is available on the Android and Apple platform.

    Find your District

    You will not be able to search for Cabarrus County Schools or for Central Cabarrus High School. Instead, you will need to type in cabarrus.instructure.com in the "Find your District" box.

    Parents as Observers

    You can sign-up as an observer (see course content but cannot participate) for your student's course(s) by following these directions
    Observers can
    • View and read announcements
    • View assignments index page
    • View the calendar
    • Join conferences, if invited
    • Join collaborations, if invited
    • View personal inbox
    • Send conversation messages to instructor and student they are observing
    • View the dashboard
    • View and read discussions
    • View files unless they are locked
    • View grades of student they are observing and filter, view scores and dates, and print grades
    • View modules and see due dates, point values, etc.
    • View pages and contribute if the instructor enables the Anyone can edit it setting
    • View profile pictures, if available
    • View syllabus
    • View outcomes
    • View quizzes index page

    Observers cannot

    • Comment on announcements or discussions
    • Submit assignments or quizzes
    • View course rosters
    • Send conversation messages to students in the course they are not observing
    • View locked files or folders
    • Join groups
    • View unpublished courses


    See how to sign up:

    Parent Registration and Student Observation from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

    More information - Canvas Observer Guide

    Office 365


    • Your school email is through Microsoft Office 365
    • Your email address is your Active Directory user name followed by @cabarrus.k12.nc.us
    • Your password is your student ID
    • Click Office 365 under Resources on our home page or go directly to portal.office.com- bookmark this site!
    • Your username is your entire email address, ie, for Bart Simpson 123456789, 
      • Username bsimpson6789@cabarrus.k12.nc.us
      • Password:  123456789
    • If you are unable to login, please ask your teacher to enter a work order that includes your name and student ID.
    • When logging into Office 365 at home, you will be asked for your password. 
    • Want to setup email on your phone?  Here's how.


    • OneDrive is online storage for your files
    • You are able to share any file in your OneDrive with other users
    • You cannot upload folders or empty files to OneDrive

    Microsoft Office

    • Each student gets 5 free licenses of the full version of Microsoft Office to install on personal devices
    • Login to Office 365 on your personal computer and click to Install Office 2016
    • A full version of Microsoft Office is already available on every school computer

    Creating/Saving Documents

    If you initiate a document in the desktop version(Office 2016) of Word(or Excel or PowerPoint), you must  "Save As" to OneDrive - Cabarrus County Schools if you want the file to be accessible from any computer.
    Save As  
    Alternatively, you may initiate a document in Office 365 and "Open in Word".  When you save, it will automatically save to your OneDrive account.  If you do not have Office 2016 installed on your machine, you can work in Office 365(the online version of Microsoft Office).
    Word 365  

    Learn More 

    Google Apps

    Students have a Google Apps account where all of the services are available except Mail.
    • Your username is your Active Directory user name followed by @st.cabarrus.k12.nc.us
    • Your password is your student ID