Phone: 704-436-9302


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Elementary Education(K-6) from the University of North Carolina Wilmington

Mrs. Taylor Hammill

Welcome to Mrs. Hammill's page!
I am the 6th grade Math teacher for the Mars Hill Mountain Lion Team.


I am orginally from Mount Pleasant and grew up attending the Mount Pleasant schools, so I love that I am back to help the next generation of students learn and enjoy the great atmosphere that Mount Pleasant Middle brings to education.


I graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in Elementary Education in 2015. I taught for one year in elementary school before coming to MPMS. This is my sixth year in 6th grade and I love it! I have a 1 year old son, Levi, and my husband is a PE teacher and football/baseball coach at Winkler Middle. We are HUGE sports fans and try to go to as many Florida State football games as possible. We also enjoy spending time in the mountains and at the beach.

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Classroom Expectations/Grading Policies


     〰️ Be on time for class and be ready to work 〰️
    〰 Be prepared for class with the correct materials 〰️
    〰️ BE KIND and RESPECTFUL to your classmates & teacher 〰️
    〰️ Mistakes are a part of MATH. Fail until you don’t. 〰️
    Ask questions if you are unsure of something! 〰️
    〰️ Celebrate successes in the classroom 〰️

    Students will have homework every night during the week (Monday-Thursday). Grading is based on EFFORT! I JUST WANT TO SEE STUDENTS TRY! Please make sure they are completing homework, as it is 5 points off the total homework grade each time they do not complete it. All students start at 100 at the beginning of each quarter and after progress reports.

    Scheduling Conferences
    If you would like to meet with your student's teachers, you must call Mrs. Taylor in the office at 704-260-6530. Meetings should not be scheduled through emails or written notes to individual teachers.  

    Absent Work
     It is always the student's responsibility to ask each teacher for his/her make up work upon returning to school.  Please don't email the homeroom teacher for makeup work, as s/he cannot gather up the work from all the other teachers your child sees in a day. Refer to the student handbook for more details on this topic.

    Extra Credit
    Individual extra credit is NOT offered. All students are given the chance to add 5 points to their unit tests by completing study guides. I try to offer extra credit assignments to all students a few times per year.

  • 6TH GRADE MATH Grading Policy:
    - Class assignments & activities/Flocabulary count 1 time
    - Homework grades/Quizzes count 2 times
    - Unit Tests/Projects count 3 times

    **Unless due to family emergency or sickness, homework is due on the due date given and at the beginning of class. 5 points will be deducted from the homework grade if not completed OR all work shown.

    **Students will get 3 days to make up work from an absence REGARDLESS of how many days they are absent. After the 3rd day, it will be considered “Late” 

    6TH GRADE MATH Quizzes and Unit Tests:
    In the event that a student does not pass a quiz or a unit test, the following opportunities are available:

    ----A second attempt is available at the student or parent/guardian requests within a week of the grade being put into PowerSchool.
    *In all fairness to those who passed, if the second attempt is passing, the maximum score that will be recorded is a 65. If the second attempt is still failing, the higher of the two grades will be taken.

    6th GRADE MATH Study Guides:
    - Study Guides will be given out as a study tool the day before any unit test. If completed with all work shown to prove their answer and TURNED IN ON TIME THE NEXT CLASS PERIOD, 5 points will be added to their test score. Partial work will not be accepted. This is an EASY way to not only add points they may need, but also an encouragement to study and prepare for the test. All unit test grades will include a comment on whether the student completed the study guide or not. (See PowerSchool for this info).

    6th GRADE MATH Extra Remediation
    - Students are allowed to see teachers during homeroom "study hall" for help/remediation on material s/he is struggling with. The key is for THE STUDENT to go to and ask the teacher for help. We cannot help if we don’t know there is a problem.