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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts Speech Language Hearing Sciences Masters of Education (M.eD) Learning Disabilities Masters of Education (M.eD)Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Ms. Sophia Berhane

Hello students, families, and staff,

I am Sophia Berhane, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is my fifth year at CC Griffin Middle School and I have the pleasure of working in Skills Plus this year. I am teaching reading and math skills this year and am excited for the year to begin. I enjoy history and traveling. I have helped develop a curriculum for social studies courses in Minnesota and have also completed many technology integration courses.  

Have a great summer. School starts back August 29th, 2022


Contact Information

10/4/22 assignement


What or who motivates you the most?


OPM Song Match


Song 1:

Song 2 :

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Video Questions

  • 1. How do you feel about the idea that we should ask for praise?

  • 2. How can saying the words “thank you” affect your relationships with others?

  • 3. How can hearing the words “thank you” affect your relationships with others?

  • 4. If you had to ask someone to thank you for something specific, what would it be and why?







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