• Honors Economics and Personal Finance

    Overview and Procedures

    Mrs. McGee


    Room 2121

    2021 - 2022


    Welcome to another school year and to Cabarrus/Kannapolis Early College High School.  The following is an overview of this course which will provide you with an idea of what is expected of you and how to be successful in this course this semester.  



    Behavior Consequences:

    1.     Warning

    2.     Conference with Student

    3.     Issue a classroom consequence

    4.     Contact parents to seek a solution

    5.     Referral to Dean of Students

    6.     Office Referral




    ECHS rules to live by:

    Be Where you are supposed to be, When you are supposed to be there, doing What you are supposed to be doing, and Respect yourself and others.


    5 Things to Be…

    1. Be Prompt
    2. Be Prepared
    3. Be Polite & Positive
    4. Be Productive
    5. Be a Problem Solver


    *All CCS and ECHS Rules apply* See the student handbook for questions and concerns.


    Classroom Procedures


    • Classroom Neatness
      • Keep the classroom clean. Pick up and throw away trash around your desk area.
      • You may have snacks during class as long as they are not distracting you, your classmates, or me. If your snack becomes a distraction I will have you put it away.


    • Entering the Classroom
      • Each day you will have 5 min to transition from class to class. This will be the time for you to use the restroom, get water, etc.   
      • The second 5 min of class are designed for you to get ready for the day’s lesson. There will be several things going on during this time…


    1. Students will need to complete their warm-up for the day that will be Canvas. This will be completed in complete sentences and is a way to recap from the previous lesson.
    2. If you need to use the restroom in between classes go before you enter the classroom. Just ensure that you have enough time to complete your warm-up and get your belongings out of your bookbag before the 5 min are up.
      • Since you have this time between classes you should only be leaving during class if it is an EMERGENCY.
    • Turning in and picking up Assignments
      • On the day that an assignment is due they must be turned in at the beginning of the class period.
      • Most assignments will be turned in on Canvas. If it is a hard copy assignment you need to make sure your first and last names are on the assignment.
      • Assignments must be turned in on time to receive full credit. I will accept assignments up to 5 days late, but with points deducted off. Every day the assignment is late, you will lose 10% off of that assignment.
      • It is your responsibility to get make-up work if you have been absent. Make-up tests will be given during class/Academic Lab or after school within one week (five school days). You also have 5 days to complete make-up work. Work can be found in the “Have you been absent?”
    • Binder Guidelines
      • You will have a separate binder for this class.
      • You will have a warm up every day at the beginning of class. These will be completed on Canvas. You will have the first ten minutes of class to get settled and complete the warm up.
      • You will be given a unit outline at the beginning of each new topic. All assignments and notes will go behind that outline in your binder.
    • Tutoring & assignments/due dates
      • Tutoring, extra help, or make-up will be available during Academic Lab each day and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school from 4-5 pm. If you cannot be here during that time, bring it to my attention and alternative arrangements can be made.
      • All of your assignments, test, due dates will be on the front board. It is your responsibility to keep track of assignments, and when your test is.
      • Assignments will be done through Canvas unless otherwise stated. There is a calendar feature which will give you due dates.
    • Cell Phones
      • Cell phones are NOT to be out during class time. They are to be silenced and put away in your backpack. If you need to charge it, then you may do so at the charging station, but you may not access it once it has been placed there. I will give a 5-minute breaking during class. You may access your phone at this time but must be put away after the break has ended. If you are on your phone, I will take it and place it on my desk until the end of class. The only time that you will need them out is when we use them for an activity in class.  I will inform you in advance if you need them for an activity.  Also, cell phones will not be used as music devices unless given verbal permission. Headphones need to be removed and put away upon the start of class.


    Grading Scale                                                                   

    A    100-90                                                                          

    B    89-80                                                                           

    C    79-70                                                                           

    D   69-60                                                                           

    F    59 and below