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Happy April, Winkler Family!

We have had a very eventful March at Winkler!  

We are very excited to announce that we have finished our application for candidacy for the IB Middle Years Programme.  This extensive document had us document all of the great work we are currently doing and prompted us to think about what we will be "plussing" over the next few years to truly become an internationally-focused school.  As we move into April, Mrs. Mann and Mrs. Powell will be traveling to Florida to become certified as level-IB teachers in their Language Arts and Math, respectively.  We will be sending six other teachers to a workshop in Atlanta in June to earn their certifications.

We will hold a full-school workshop in June (after students are out for the summer) to prepare all of our teachers for this work next year.  And teachers will return a bit early in August to write units and lessons that align to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and IB standards.  

I'm also excited about welcoming our rising sixth graders this month.  In March, students from all of our feeder elementary schools visited Winkler for tours and information.  Then, on Thursday, April 6, we will host families for an evening of learning.  

While we are thinking about next year, we continue to put forth our best efforts to empower our current students to grow and learn!  Across our school, students are participating in hands-on instruction to help them acquire knowledge and reach understanding.  Some examples are:

  • Many of our eighth grade students are attending the Saturday Math Academy.
  • Our eighth grade language arts classes are moving into a very complex novel series focusing on international issues.
  • Eighth grade social studies students are learning about the Roaring 20s through a cultural lens (including learning to dance the Charleston)!
  • Seventh grade math classes are headed to the Carolina Mall for a hands-on day of practical math.
  • Seventh grade social studies classes are focusing on the causes of Global Conflict.
  • Sixth grade ELA classes are learning to compare and contrast using dances, then carrying these skills to their novels.
  • Students in technology classes learned about aviation and built model airplanes to fly.

As we move toward Spring Break, we encourage parents to make sure students are at school and ready to learn!  We will be using all of our time well!  

Finally, in preparation for the end-of-year, I would like to share the following dates with you:

  • Our state testing dates are
    • May 31: 6th and 8th grade math; 7th grade reading
    • June 1: 7th math; 6th and 8th grade reading
    • June 2: 7th and 8th grade social studies
    • June 5: 6th and 8th science
    • June 6: 7th science; 6th social studies
    • June 7: Math 1
    • June 8: Earth/Environmental Science
    • June 9: Makeups
  • Our End-of-Year celebrations will be held on
    • June 6 at 1:00pm | Eighth Grade Awards and Commencement Ceremony
    • June 8 at 10:00am | Seventh Grade Awards Ceremony
    • June 8 at 2:00pm | Sixth Grade Awards Ceremony
    • June 9 | PBIS Incentive and 1/2 day for students

Thank you again for choosing us to educate your child!  

With Winkler Pride,



March 10, 2017


Von Kinloch
Happy March, Winkler Families!

I hope you have all enjoyed the warm weather (and this brief snap of cold) as we move into Spring. February and March have been eventful at Winkler, as we continue down our pathway toward becoming an International Baccalaureate School!

In mid-February, Mrs. Murfitt, our IB Coordinator, and I traveled to Houston, Texas to become certified as a Head of School and IB Coordinator, respectively. We came back much more knowledgable about the work ahead, but more importantly, we are very proud that we already have many of the pieces in place! We have also taken quite a few of our teachers on site visits to IB middle schools across North Carolina to get information and ideas. I encourage you to visit Mrs. Murfitt's page for more information about our journey.

I am also excited to share more information about our Winkler Lecture Series. I believe it is very important for our students to hear from very successful members of our community. To accomplish this, we regularly invite guest speakers to share their stories.

During first semester, Bonnie Jones, the development director from Meals on Wheels, spoke about the impact of our food drive on their organization and our community.

In February, Dr. Susan Cernyak-Spatz, a Holocaust survivor and retired professor from UNC Charlotte, spoke to our seventh graders about her experience.

Last week, we were privileged to have Von Kinloch, a consultant for Wells Fargo corporate communications, speak to students from all grade levels. Ms. Kinloch is a two-time Emmy Award Winning television producer and also owns a production company. She is also a breast cancer survivor. She encouraged students to be true to their authentic selves and consider the impact their words and actions had on others.

As we move through the Spring, we have three other speakers scheduled to spend time with students! Please be on the lookout for more information and talk with your child about what they have learned.

Thank you for all you do for our Winkler Family! We appreciate you choosing us to educate your child!

In Winkler Pride,



February 1, 2017 
Happy February, Winkler Family!

I hope you all enjoyed our snowy January! I am very happy we are getting closer to warmer weather, as I always LOVE being outside!

As we enter second semester at Winkler, I continue to be very proud of the great work our students and teachers are doing. In this issue of the Howler, I would like to share some major changes in our WIN (What I Need) Intervention Block.

Three years ago, our faculty decided to dedicate a block of time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide interventions for students who need additional support in reading and math. We had a limited number of spots for students to receive extra help. Therefore, many of our students who were on grade level attended enrichment groups during this time.

Earlier this year, I asked Karen Hollar, our lead teacher for student supports, to analyze the group rosters to determine how many students in enrichment groups did not score a 3 or higher on the EOG last year. What was found was surprising: more than half of the students in some of our enrichment groups were in need of support in reading and/or math.

As a result, we pulled a team of teachers and counselors together to discuss the ways in which we could best support as many students as possible. This work resulted in the changes to WIN we made this week.

Beginning this past Tuesday, students who need more work with the foundational skills in reading and/or math began working with our Encore teachers, who have been trained to administer a program called iReady. During WIN time, students will be working on the iReady software and will be pulled into small instructional groups led by our reading and math interventionists.

Another group of students, who are closer to being on grade level, but need additional support on the the work they are doing in reading and math this year, will be reporting back to their Core teachers for tutoring and extra instruction.

A third group of students, who are at or above grade level, will be working with a teacher on an academic enrichment task. These groups might be working on research projects, career skills, or SAT preparation skills.

I am excited that we have now "plussed" our WIN Time to ensure all students are working on tasks that will help them improve! Please check with your child about the work they are doing during WIN.

As always, I love to sing the praises of our students and teachers. This past month, as I walked (and walked and walked) around our building, I saw great things happening in all of our classrooms. I would like to call your attention to several classes who are doing especially exceptional work:

  • Our seventh grade science students are working on their Human Body Problem Based Learning project, which I describe in more detail in the next article.
  • Our eighth grade English/Language Arts classes are working in Biography book clubs, where they are learning more about the themes of lives of extraordinary people. Students are also conducting their own interviews to design biographies of local heroes.
  • All of our English/Language Arts classes have adopted a book club model of instruction, where small groups of students are reading common texts and having both written and verbal conversations.
  • Our social studies classes have had a series of guest speakers, including an expert on ancient Chinese culture and a Holocaust survivor.
  • Our math classes are practicing hands-on skills to see the places where math impacts our daily lives.

As we move through February, I know all of our students will continue to grow and learn! If I can be of any help for your family, please don't hesitate to contact me at michael.williams@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.

With Winkler Pride,




December 1, 2016 
Winkler Families,

This month, I would like to share information with you about our transition to an International Baccalaureate Candidate School, which will happen for the 2017-2018 school year.  

First, we will be holding our first annual IB Open House and Curriculum Night on December 6, 2016 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  On that night, we will be showing off the wonderful things our students and teachers are doing now and laying out our plans for the IB program in the years to come!  I cordially invite you to bring your family for a night of learning, celebration, and entertainment.  I will be holding several informational sessions about IB, Karen Hollar, our Student Support Specialist, will hold several sessions to tell you more about our nationally recognized student support structures, and our teachers will be displaying students' work and answering questions about what your child is learning this year.  In addition, our band and chorus will be performing and our art students will hold their annual Plate Auction.  In the media center, you can visit the book fair.  

And to make it even better, we've contracted food trucks from Comfort Foods on Wheels and What-a-burger to be in our parking lot for a delicious dinner! We will also have several options for funnel cakes and dessert.  You can pick up your dinner at the food truck and settle in the cafeteria with your family and friends!

In this edition of the Howler, I've also included some brief information about the IB program and our transition.  I will be sharing much more and answering questions at the Open House.  An important piece of information I would like to call to your attention  is that Winkler will be a whole-school IB program, meaning ALL of our students will receive instruction through an international lens.  In that same thought, please know that all of the middle schools in Cabarrus County, including the IB programs, offer the same courses.  The big difference between an IB school and a traditional school is the international lens through which students look at the content in the courses.  

Finally, and most importantly, I would like for all of the families in our attendance zone to know that you do not need to apply for admission to the IB program.  All of the students who live in our attendance zone will continue to be assigned to Winkler, as always.  To reiterate, if you wish to continue to attend Winkler, you don't need to do anything at all.  

I sincerely hope you will come to visit with us next Tuesday night for our Open House.  I look forward to sharing the wonderful things happening at Winkler this year and our vision for the Winkler-to-come!  

In Winkler Pride,


November 1, 2016
Happy Autumn, Winkler Family and Friends! 
October was an exceptional month for our Winkler community, as our students and teachers continued on their journey of growing and learning together!   
This past month, our students had the opportunity to step outside of our school walls to experience the impact of their decisions on the world.  First, we celebrated our edition of the Winkler Lecture Series with a visit from Bonnie Jones, the Development Director of Cabarrus County Meals on Wheels.  Ms. Jones told students about the exceptional work her organization does in helping shut-ins and senior adults in our community have a hot meal and companionship.  Through the month of September, our students contributed over 1,500 cans of foods to support this cause.  This is enough food for 400 meals!  
We also held our fifth annual Lean and Green 5K and Campus clean up.  Despite having a two week delay for Hurricane Matthew, we had 20 runners compete in the cold and then help us clean up the grounds around our campus.  I offer a special thanks to the PE department, Mr. Petersen, and the National Junior Honor Society for coordinating this event!  The money raised will go to support the American Cancer Society.  
Last week, our seventh grade students had the unique opportunity to visit Grandfather Mountain to conduct scientific weather experiments!  I was amazed at both the views and the work our students and teachers did on this trip.  
In our classrooms, I continue to be amazed at the outstanding work by our students and teachers!  Each day, I walk around the building taking pictures and talking with students.  I invite you to check out our Facebook page to see all of the amazing things going on in classrooms at our school.
As we enter November, and start second quarter, I encourage all Winkler Families to keep up the great work!  This month, we will be collecting donations for our annual Thanksgiving dinner service project, where our students deliver meals to families in need around our community.  We will also have our second visit in the Winkler Lecture Series with a visit from an Emmy Award-winning journalist and our eighth grade basketball and wrestling teams will begin play.  It's an exciting time to be a Winkler Wolf.  
Finally, on November 8th, our entire faculty and staff will go to our first round of training to become an International Baccalaureate Candidate School for the 2017-2018 school year.   We will hold a HUGE open house and community event on December 6th to celebrate the work of our students and kick off our IB transition.  That night, you can come and hear from your child's teachers, our fine arts department, and our IB coordinator.  We will hold sessions that evening to discuss our transition to IB and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.  (I also hear there will be food trucks involved!)  
As always, I thank you for all of your support and please let me know if I can be of any help.
With Winkler Pride,
Mr. Williams
October 1, 2016

Happy Autumn, Winkler Families!


This month, I’ve had the opportunity to teach quite a bit around our school.  I truly love getting the opportunity to work with students directly and model instructional strategies for our teachers. In my travels around the building, I’m always so impressed at the deep level of work and thinking in which our students are engaged!  Here’s what I’ve seen (and helped teach) this month:

·       In all of our social studies classes, our students are learning to analyze primary sources to form historical arguments. 

·       In language arts, students have moved into their fiction units and are learning to analyze different characters.

·       In sixth grade math, students are learning to apply factorization skills, seventh grade students are exploring the measurement of various shapes, and eighth graders are working with exponents.

·       In science, I’ve watched sixth grade students working with density, seventh grade students working on the layers of the atmosphere, and eighth grade students exploring physical and chemical properties. 

In all of this work, our phenomenal teachers have designed learning experiences that require students to meet the instructional expectations we hold at Winkler.  As a school, we expect:

·       Our teachers to have strong conversations with each other about what to teach and how to teach it.

·       Each lesson to be relevant and have a clear objective students are to meet.

·       Teachers to provide students with the background knowledge they need to understand concepts.

·       Teachers to model how students should complete the tasks and provide students many opportunities to practice for mastery.

·       Students to read, write, think, and talk with each other daily.


We will also be beginning our journey to becoming an IB Candidate school later this month.  Last week, I met with our district’s magnet coordinator, Carrie Tulbert, the principal at Concord Middle School, and Kristy Bullock, the principal at J.N. Fries IB Middle School to begin carving out our IB transition plan.  We have also selected an IB Transition team comprised of members of our Winkler faculty.  Over the next two months, we will be visiting several schools across the state including Paisley Middle School in Winston-Salem, East Garner Middle School in Wake County, and Piedmont Middle School in Charlotte.  Then, in early November, an IB trainer will spend an entire teacher workday completing our first day of training for our faculty and staff. 


On December 6, 2016, Winkler Middle will host our first annual IB Open House!  That night, we will showcase our school, give more information about the IB program, hold a band and chorus concert, and display plates for our annual Art Silent Auction. 


As always, I thank you for your tremendous support of our school!  Please contact me if I might be of any help along the way.  


September 1, 2016 

Whew!  What a great start to the school year!  These past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me, and I am so proud of our students, faculty, and staff for their hard work to make Winkler an even more wonderful place to be! 

Late in the summer, our School Leadership Team met to help revise the school’s vision, mission, and belief statements.  While this work is still in progress, we developed some key values to guide our thinking. The principles we value are:

•       A safe, respectful environment

•       High academic press and strong community

•       High standards for all stakeholders

•       Diversity, in all forms

•       Joy and celebration

•       Shared decision making

•       Clear communication and processes

•       Socially just structures and systems

 As we conduct our work with students this year, these values will be at the root of all of our decisions.  To this end, we have increased our level of supervision in the hallways and cafeteria to make sure all students are safe, discussed ways to ensure our instruction is rigorous and engaging, and learned new strategies to get to know all of our students and better understand all of the strengths they bring to school!  In September, the Leadership Team will begin working on our annual budget and the School Improvement Plan, which we will post on the school website. 

 I’ve also been amazed at the phenomenal work our students have been doing during the first week of school!  As I walked around the school this week, I watched students learning to collaborate, practicing appropriate behaviors, conducting science experiments, building structures, choosing books to read, and writing about who they are.  If this week is a preview of what’s to come, I can’t wait to see how much they grow!  I’ve been taking pictures all week, and I encourage you to check out our Facebook page to see what your children have been learning. 

 I’m also excited about the upcoming events.  In the next two weeks…

·       Our football and softball teams play their first games.

·       Out sixth graders will take a field trip to the Cabarrus County Agribusiness Fair.

·       Our Heart and Sole Girls on the Run club will meet.

·       We will have our first school dance.

·       We will kick off our Fall PTSO fundraiser. 

Be sure to check out the school calendar so you don’t miss any of the fun. 

 I appreciate you all choosing to be a part of the Winkler Family!  And always remember we are here to help you navigate the middle school years.  


 August 1, 2016 

Our vision for Winkler Middle is to be a community committed to growing and learning together. This vision statement drives of all of our work. We genuinely want every person associated with our school to be in a state of learning and growing. This summer, our teachers have been attending workshops, taking classes, and planning rigorous instruction for our students. Through the school year, we will work tirelessly to design great learning experiences for students. And for the first time this year, we will be offering a Parent University for our families! I’ll be sending out more information later in the semester.

The results of our students’ and teachers’ hard work are evident in the state assessment data. Each year since 2012, Winkler Middle has been one of the highest academic growth schools in the state! In addition, we have been recognized as a Model School for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support implementation. Our hard work does not go unrecognized: we have hosted several schools from across the state this summer seeking to discover what’s working well at Winkler!

This year, we will also be preparing for a great deal of positive change in the future. On July 18, the Cabarrus County Board of Education voted to implement the International Baccalaureate Program at Winkler Middle for the 2017-­‐‑2018 school year. This is a fantastic addition for all of our students! This year, our teachers will participate in world-­‐‑renowned professional development by the IB consultants. Please know I am here to answer any questions you have about this change and will be sending you information throughout the year to keep our families in the loop. We will also host a series of community meetings to share information, answer questions, and listen to your feedback.

Again, I’m so excited about the great work that’s happening at Winkler and I’m looking forward to seeing students in August! Please let me know if I can be of any help along the way! And, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Our hashtag is #WeareWinkler and my personal hashtag is #fromMrW.