• WMIE Morning News
    WMIE Morning News is produced each day by 5th grade students and Mrs Turney.  Students watch the morning news live each morning and our parents and community can access it later on our website. By accessing our daily broadcast, you will get a first-hand look at our wonderful school and talented students.
    Week of December 10
    Announcers: Kiersten and Hailey
    Camera: Alexis R.
    Script: David
    Week of January 7
     Announcers: Quetzally and Ajayla
    Camera: Joshua
    Script: Alexis H.
    Weeks of December 17 and January 2
    Announcers: Jocelyn and Coleman
    Camera: Alyssa
    Script: Penelope
    Weeks of January 14
    Announcers:  Anniston and Ryder
    Camera: Mackenzie
    Script: Daryl