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    Course Folders and/or Learning Modules

    The majority of the course content will be housed in the Course Content section of your course. Here, you will find all instructional materials divided into learning units or modules, including homework assignments. Your instructor is available to work with you and answer questions, but the majority of your learning and interaction will be in the course modules.

    The content might be displayed in Content Folders or Learning Modules. Regardless of which option your instructor uses, your content will be organized and packaged according to your topic of study. Content Folders and Learning Modules contain any content related to the lesson, such as documents, assignments, media files, website links, publisher material, tests, and surveys. It is important to read through all course content. Learning Modules may be set to open in a new window, so make sure you have enabled pop-ups. They can also be set for you to view the module in sequential order or allow you to move through the items in any order. Make sure you view each page in the learning module. The content might be organized in a table of contents, too.



    Your instructor will give you instructions for submitting assignments within the modules of the course. Your instructor may ask you to type in a text box or attach a file, like Word or Excel, or even an image. Blackboard allows you to upload just about any file type you can imagine, but please check with your instructor for the preferred format. Once you've attached your file, click Submit. After submitting an assignment, always check My Grades to make sure your submission was received. Your assignment has been submitted if either a grade, green checkmark, or yellow exclamation mark appears. If an icon that looks like a timer (in progress) or nothing appears in the grade field, you need to resubmit.

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    It's called a discussion forum because people are actually supposed to discuss things! The discussion forum is an environment where you can participate in a "virtual discussion" with your instructor and other members of your course. That means it will only truly benefit you and the class if there is an exchange of ideas. The forum is one of the most dynamic, interactive features within Blackboard. Often instructors will post questions in discussion forums for you to review and respond. In addition, you are encouraged to read other students' responses and engage in online dialog with them.


    Use Discussions in the Original Course View



    Many instructors use Blackboard Tests to assess your learning in the course. It's important that you read the instructions carefully before accessing an online test. Many tests are set to only allow one attempt, which means if you access it, you have to complete it. This video will show you how to take a Blackboard test

    Testing Tips


      • Check your browser! Make sure you're using Firefox or Chrome, while other browsers may work, we find these to be most consistent when test-taking.
      • Turn off pop-up blockers. It's important to turn off pop-up blockers before taking a test or be sure that your pop-up blocker permits access to all the pages in the course. (How to disable pop-up blockers: ChromeFirefox, for other browsers, please refer to the browser support website)
      • Use a computer with a fast (and reliable) Internet connection. Slow connections can cause test content to load slowly or time out. Using cellphones and wireless connections may cause issues. If you don't have a reliable connection at home, you can use the computer labs on campus. If you don't have access to our campus, check with your local library.
      • Read the Instructions! Some tests have time limits, others have single attempts, and some force you to complete. Read the instructions carefully so you know what to expect!
      • Remove distractions. Make sure you set aside the appropriate amount of time to take the test and remove as many distractions as possible.
      • Submit your test. Make sure you click the submit button at the bottom of the page. After submitting a test, always check My Grades to make sure your submission was received. If either a grade, green checkmark, or yellow exclamation mark appears, your test has been submitted. If an icon that looks like a timer (in progress) or nothing appears in the grade field, you need to resubmit.
      • Contact your instructor. If you run into any issues while taking a test, contact your instructor. The Help Desk can't unlock a test.


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    North Carolina Global Distinction Initiative

    Rowan Cabarrus Community College participates in the North Carolina Global Distinction Initiative - a partnership between North Carolina community colleges and UNC World View at UNC-Chapel Hill. This program enables students to develop the global competencies and skills needed for the 21st century workforce and to excel at universities that increasingly focus on global issues.
    This academic program is open to all students. No minimum GPA or specific major is required for admission to the program.  To learn more about this program and how to become a global scholar, access our webpage at:

    If you have any questions, see Ms. Cook during office hours or email to set up an appointment.