• Rocky River Elementary
    Student Council
    2017 - 2018
    Student Council is theheart of student involvement.
    It is the most representative and powerful student organization because it works for all students.
    A Elementary Student Council .......
    should offer students leadership opportunities
    and help bring the school together with spirited activities and community service.
    Students learn how to become involved citizens and how their involvement can create change. 
     General Student Council is made up of fourth and fifth graders.
    The Executive Board is made up of fifth graders - elected by their peers. 
    offers spirit, social, and community service activities, locally and globally
    for all Rocky River students.  
    Congratulations to our new Student Council Executive Board for 2017-18:


    Faith Davenport & George Loveland


    Essence Woodson

    Homeroom Chairs: 

    Gabby Thompson

    Avery Thrush

    Rebecca Buckland

    Landon Smith


     ...and a huge thanks to our 2016-17 Board for all of their hard work!
     5th Grade Executive Board 2016-17
    Co -Leaders: Alexis & Jimmy
    Co - Secretaries: Savannah & Jayla
    Committee Chairs: Makayla (Service), Timia (Birthday), & Courtney (Spirit)
    Homeroom Chairs: Lexie, Cayla, Sahara, Britany, Destiny, & Aleah
    Advisor: Ms. Liz Benstead (elizabeth.benstead@cabarrus.k12.nc.us)