Student Council



    2019 - 2020
    Student Council
    We currently have over 50 students active this year.
    We will host a schoolwide Dance 14th
    from 4 to 6
    Cost is $5.00
    Meals Available $5.00



     The  Student Council meetings are on the
      fourth Thursday of each month
    at 8:00 Rm 609



    We are thrilled the number of food items that have been brought in for our food drive.
    We have exceeded our goal of 1,550 items.
    The elected officers for the 2019-2020 School Year!
    Congratulations to the Newest Officers
    Thank you to the 56 people who voted for our tie breaker.
    IT was CLOSE RACE !!!!!!!

    President: Leila Evans

    Secretary: Vibha Kotte

    Treasurer/Public Relations: Grace Zheng


    WE ARE SO proud to partner with our school counselors this year provide $500

    for HiRMS Families to help with their Christmas.


    We are proud to have donated $1,500 dollars to Cape Fear Middle school to help flood victims from Hurricane Florence

     Our student council donated $1,500 to Pender County School for Hurricane Relief

    $1,500 sent to Cape Fear Middle School for Hurricane releif