Rah-Rah Club

  • Students will get the opportunity to help others in our community.  Mrs. Taylor will facilitate this after school club. Students will gather in room 320 (Mrs. Taylor's classroom) the second Monday of each month from 3-4p.m.  We will talk about how it feels to help others and jump right in and help out.  Students can help teachers create bulletin boards, cut out lamination, write positive notes to other students or teachers, create posters for school events and even collect material and make blankets for students that are sick and need to visit Jeff Gordon Hospital. This year there is a $10 fee for the club so that we can purchase material to make blankets. 

When do we Meet?

  • We meet the second Monday of each month.  The dates for the 2016-2017 year are below.
    November 14th
    December 12th
    January 9th  January 30th make-up day  Making Blankets
    February 13th  Making Blankets
    March 13th   Making Blankets and Planning Party
    April 10th   Custodian party
    May 8th   Painting Rocks
  • The Rah-Rah Club is open to current 2nd through 5th grade students.  We are looking for 25 students that love helping others and want to promote good will throughout our school.  Students will need to complete a request form, pay the $10 materials fee,  and turn the paperwork and money in to Mrs. Taylor.  Please make checks payable to Harrisburg Elementary and write in the memo Rah-Rah club or you are welcome to pay online.  If more than 25 students apply, then we will place all names in the hat and draw out 25 lucky participants.  
  • Students are expected to be Responsible, Ready and Respectful at all times.  The Rah-Rah club will follow the same rules provided by Harrisburg Elementary matrix.  Students who need to be reminded of the matrix expectations more than three times will be asked to leave the club.  Students  have limited time to work so it is necessary to come in and get right to work.  Parents are expected to pick up students by 4:10.  If a students is late more than two times that student will be asked to leave the club.  A reminder email will be sent to the parents each month that the club meeting date is coming up.  It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the student's teacher of the meeting and the change in transportation.