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    In reading, we have started our LAST unit!  This unit covers both fiction and nonfiction books.  We will continue to use the venn diagram to help us compare and contrast both types of stories.  We will align a lot of what we are doing in math, science, and social studies to the books that we are reading.  The children should be able to retell easily using the beginning, middle, and end of stories.  We use our hands to help us remember the parts of a book.  While reading, we are thinking about the characters and how their feelings or actions help make the story more engaging.  We are also focusing on the setting, problem, and solution.  When reading nonfiction texts, we focus on the main idea and key details that help us stay engaged while learning new information.    During small group lessons, the children are working on skills as well as strategies to help them build foundational skills to use when reading. 


    Check out some of the book titles we will use in the next upcoming unit!  


    .   shoes   venn.  alive      

    In math, we are working on addition and subtraction problems.  We have transitioned from calling these "number sentences" to equations.  We have also started using the words like "plus" and "minus" to help us understand what we are doing in each equation.  The children are very good at both composing and decomposing numbers!  I have been so impressed with their skills.  I can't wait for you to see the math journals that we work on each day that help us break down word problems, write equations, spiral previously taught skills, and practice new skills. 



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