• PBIS  



    Our school uses a proactive approach to discipline called Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS).   Positive Behavior Intervention Support focuses on creating and sustaining school-wide, classroom, and individual systems of support that improve the educational environment for all children by explicitly teaching behavioral expectations and then recognizing the positive behaviors shown by students.  Our three core values are being RespectfulResponsible, and Safe.  Students are explicitly taught what it looks like to be RespectfulResponsible, and Safe everywhere in our school.   Please read our school matrix below. Students will be individually recognized when they are being RespectfulResponsible, and Safe. Students will wear their character card every day. These are provided by the school. Staff members will initial the character card when they see a student displaying appropriate behaviors, as outlined in our matrix.  The students will have the opportunity to move through 3 different levels each quarter as they are being individually recognized for being RespectfulResponsibleand Safe. Please see the levels below:


    White Level: All students start out on the white level.  Once they complete their White Character Card, they will receive a reward and move to the next level.


    Purple Level: Once the students complete their Purple Character Card, they will receive a reward and move to the next level. 


    Teal Level: Once students complete their Teal Character Card, they will receive a reward.  Students will continue to have Teal Character Cards and keep earning rewards for each completed Teal Character Card. 


    At the beginning of each new quarter (9 weeks), all students will start on the White Character Card.  At our End of the Nine Weeks Celebration, those students that completed a Teal Character Card will be rewarded with a celebration!


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