• What is AOES?

    The Academy of Energy & Sustainability (AOES) is a four-year career academy affiliated with the National Academy Foundation (NAF).  Career academies are for students who want to attend post-secondary school or begin a career right after high school.  AOES provides a smaller learning community in which a cohort of students have classes together.  Academy teachers share the cohort students and work together to integrate technology into their curricula as well as develop interdisciplinary projects.

    Will AOES prepare students for college?

    ABSOLUTELY!...NAF is a national network of education, business, and community leaders who work together to ensure high school students are college, career, and future ready.  NAF's educational design gives businesses the opportunity to shape our students by transforming the learning environments to include STEM-infused, industry specific curricula, and work-based learning experiences, including internships. Check out the NC NAF Academies data below:
    NC NAF data
    Who is it for? 
    Only rising freshmen districted for Cabarrus County Schools may apply.
    Is AOES only for students interested in engineering, energy, and sustainability careers?
    No.  While many AOES students are interested in STEM careers, the skills students will learn in AOES are transferable to most any career choice. 
    How are students admitted? 
    A lottery is used to fill the spots with a maximum of 100 students.  If more than 100 students apply, the lottery is used to determine the order of the wait-list.  Students may be brought in from the wait-list over the summer before 9th grade or during the school year if a spot opens.
    Why is a lottery used? 
    A career academy should be homogeneous to the school's student population.  A lottery is the most equitable method to achieve this.  Interest and grades are NOT a factor in admittance.
    Can my student take honors or AP classes? 
    Yes.  Upper level Academy classes are Honors level and students will have the opportunity to take other Honors and AP courses as their schedule permits.
    Can my student take other elective courses?
    Yes.  Students will have the opportunity to take other elective courses.
    Are academy courses more difficult?
    No.  All courses follow the NC standard course of study or STEM 101 curricula.  What will be different is the integration into core classes, interdisciplinary approach/teaching, and project based learning.  Work-based learning and 21st century skills are also included in AOES courses.  AOES students will have many projects that involve presentations and teamwork.
    Are there any conflicts with athletics or clubs?
    No.  AOES students may participate in athletics and/or clubs that are after the school day.  Students will be given the opportunity to participate in technical student organizations as well.
    Are there any costs or fees to be in AOES?
    The Academy is free of charge.  Students will be given the opportunity to purchase Academy wear.  Most expenses for field trips will be paid for by the CTE (Career and Technical Education) Department.  The inability to pay any expense will not have any impact on student participation in AOES.  Funding is available for these situations.
    Can my student drop out of AOES?
    We expect to have a wait-list for enrolling in the AOES Program.  As a result, we expect students and their parents/guardians to seriously consider their decision to enroll because we expect a four-year commitment to the program's responsibilities and requirements.
    Most of the time conflicts with a student's obligations can be worked out to allow students to meet their goals and stay in the Academy.  the decision to drop will be made on a case-by-case basis.