The vision of AoES is to be the Charlotte region's most effective and efficient high school program which inspires and prepares students to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in energy and sustainability.

    The AOES Academy course of study completes the NCDPI STEM cluster.


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  • What is AOES?

    The Mt. Pleasant Academy of Energy & Sustainability (AOES) is a cutting-edge, innovative 4-year program designed to prepare students who are interested in engineering, energy systems, and sustainable solutions.  With Charlotte outpacing the nation in the creation of energy jobs, our academy is focused on bringing awareness and education of all types of energy sources and sustainable solutions.  The AOES utilizes business and industry professionals, along with a variety of STEM 101 curricula to provide our students with hands on educational experiences, relevant information, and current technologies.  This collaboration between education and industry is the driving force that ensures our AOES students experience work-based learning opportunities that are unmatched by today's educational standards.  


    Why Energy & Sustainability?


    • Charlotte is outpacing the nation in the creation of energy jobs when accounting for national growth. 
    • Clean-energy jobs are growing 17 times faster than the US economy.
    • Revenue for the industry grew 37% ($6.6 billion).
    • Jobs in the solar sector have increased 123% since 2010
    • Charlotte ranks 11th out of 25 US metro areas in the # of Energy Star certified buildings, and continues to climb.
    • The US has approximately 1.6 million engineering jobs that pay $42 per hour.
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