Ms. Jill Eudy

Phone: 704-260-6530


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Elementary Education from Pfeiffer University.Certified Middle Grades Science.

Ms. Jill Eudy

6th Grade Science Teacher on the Appalachian State Mountaineer Team


Homeroom    9:00-9:10 

1st Block       9:13-10:13

2nd Block      10:16-11:16

3rd Block       11:19-12:48  (Lunch 11:40-12:10)

4th Block       12:51-1:51

Planning       1:56-3:25

Venture        3:30-4:00

Dismissal      4:00



  • For Daily Activities, Learning Concepts, and Homework please refer to the Calendar and Class documents links/sections. Everything we do in class is uploaded to class documents. The calendar will let you know what we are doing when.
    For helpful science links and links to Webquests, Videos, and Virtual Labs please use the useful links link/section.
    Homework Policy: Homework assigned  will be given a due date and will be expected to turn it in on that date. Students experiencing special circumstances will get only 1 day of leniency. After that 5 points will be deducted each day that the assignment is late. Students who fail to complete assignments will complete the assignments during Closed/Working Lunch, during venture on team or social days - they will complete the work for a late grade. Students will also initially lose a "CAT" for not having homework completed on the date it is due (unless of course they are absent, then they will have 3 days before it is considered "Late" and a cat will be lost).
    Make Up Work: Students have 3 days to make up work from absences.
    Late Work: Students who have failed to complete assignments by their due date can make up missing assignments for a "late" or "lesser" grade. Missing or late assignments will not be accepted 1 week prior to the release of progress reports or 1 week prior to the due date of submission of grades for report cards. Again, 5 points will be deducted each day it is late. If it is more than 12 days late the student will still receive a 60 for completing it and turning it in.
    Test Retake Policy
    For Weekly SWYK (Show What You Know) Check-ins - any student who makes BELOW a 60 will be allowed 2 days to review the material and retake it. Their grade REGARDLESS of the score on the second attempt (unless it too is below a 60) will be raised to a 70 which is passing. This is done out of fairness to the students who prepared by studying and developing study habits as they are instructed to do. SWYK's will always cover the material that was covered in class that week and students should be studying 10-15 minutes several times a week.
    For Unit Tests - any student who is unhappy with their grade may retake the test. Students will be given a retest ticket that must be completed as they take the original test. The retest ticket must be signed and presented to me on the assigned day of the retest. If students do not have their retest ticket, THEY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RETEST! This is a courtesy that I extend to students that I am not required to extend. The purpose of this is an attempt to remediate and help students revisit stuff they missed or did not understand. If students miss the retest date, they just miss it. Students will be asked by me at the end of the original test if they want to retest. If they tell me no, they will not be given a retest date. It is their choice, their grade, and their responsibility. When I feel students are abusing this courtesy and not preparing for tests as they should, I will stop offering the opportunity to retest.