• Ms. Lipp

    This course will teach three course in one.  We will learn civics, personal financial literacy and introductory level micro and macro economics.  We start the course with the question, "How has government impacted your life from the time you woke up this morning until the time you go to bed tonight?".  This sets the frame work for the course and allows students to really see what the role of government is in America.  We will talk about how to be an effective citizen, what our rights our and how we developed the U.S. Constitution. Students will also learn how our government works by analyzing the role of the president and participating in decision making simulations, writing and passing laws in a mock Congress, and even issuing Supreme Court decisions. By the end of the Civics portion of the class, my goal is for students to really understand how our government works and how to be an active participant in America.   We move onto personal financial literacy (PFL), where the students will be learning how to pay taxes, make a budget, get car insurance, buy a house, etc.  At the end of the unit the students will be completing a budget project, where they explore the job they want after they graduate and have to base a budget around the salary.  And finally, we will talk about basic micro and macro economics topics such as supply and demand, fiscal and monetary policy, globalization and so much more.  I design the course to be fun and interactive.  We will be discussing current events, engaging in simulations, doing independent research and all while having fun.  

    Please fee free to contact me with any questions.  It's going to be a great year!