May/June Date Reminders:

    May 9 - Progress Reports

    May 10 - PTA Meeting

    May 16 - No School for Students - Teacher Workday

    May 18 - Last day to check out library books

    May 23 - All library books due

    May 28 - No School for Memorial Day

    June 4- Pizza Party

    June 6  - End of Year Fun and Games Celebration

    June 8 - Early Dismissal/Last Day of School/Report Cards




    ** Optional assignments can be found under the parent resource tab.  

    Reading: Daily reading at home for a minimum of 20 minutes. Have students answer two questions from written comprehension sheet sent home with report card weekly.
    Sight Word/Fluency Lists have been placed in folders. Your child should practice the lists but keep them inside of the Take Home folder. Once a week, I will pull students and check word lists. 
  • What are we learning?
    Reading: Our last reading unit expands on our work understanding characters. Students will be identifying with characters in the stories we read by connecting with their feelings using sensory words, experiences, and problems. Students will use their prior knowledge of character traits to understand the characters as well. We will also explore life lessons that characters learn. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to collaborate in partner groups about characters’ adventures. Finally, we will compare and contrast character experiences across two text.
    Writing: Writers are busy at work creating their realistic fictional stories and building their series. They are using personal experiences to create multiple stories for their character. We will work on using sequencing words (first, next, last), adding action and feeling, writing conclusions, and bringing sparkle to our stories. Students will design boxes to hold their stories.
    Math: Our last math unit works with the equal sign. Students will learn that the equal sign shows balance between the left and right side. We will revisit fact families as we use our knowledge that addition and subtraction are related to solve for missing addends required to balance equations. Students will work with quantities being represented in many different ways (6=4+2, 5+1=6, 4+2=5+1, 8-2 = 4+2). Finally, students will know vocabulary terms true and false.
    Social Studies: Students will explore the impact humans have on the environment. This will include ways people use, conserve and waste natural resources in their community, how people change the environment (planting trees, recycling, cutting down trees, building homes), and how the environment affects where people live.
    Science: Our final unit in science involve studying the basic needs of plants and animals for energy, growth and survival and ecosystems. We will explore how the environment meets the needs of different plants and animals in North Carolina and around the world. Students will play a game that teaches the impact of scarcity of resources on animals.
  • Schedule:

    7:50 – 8:15      Arrival, unpacking, and morning announcements                                           
    8:25 – 9:00      Writing Workshop
    9:00 – 9:40      Personalization / Restroom & water break
    9:45 - 11:15    Reading Workshop
    11:10-11:45     Lunch / Restroom & water break
    12:00-12:50     Special Classes
    12:55 - 1:20     Recess / Restroom & water break
    1:25 – 2:45      Math Workshop / Calendar
    2:45 – 2:55      Pack up and dismissal
  • Specials Rotation:
    Day 1- A- Media B- Guidane 
    Day 2- PE 1
    Day 3- Art
    Day 4- Music
    Day 5- PBL
    Day 6- PE 2
    Day 7- Chinese
Last Modified on May 28, 2018