Marla Young

Phone: 704-260-6410


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Music Education from Piedmont International University Advanced study at Anderson University

Marla Young

Hello students!  

Since we are now fully online, I wanted to make sure everyone knows where to go for your lessons.  

All of my information is on Google Classroom.  Each of you should have received an email giving you the link to this page, so please check your school email for that link. 

My office hours are daily from 3-4:00, but you can email any time you have a question or need help with something.  I will answer you right back unless I'm recording a lesson or talking to someone else.  

I will post instructional videos twice a week - T/Th.  Please look for those and do the assignments that come with them.  On Wednesday, we will go LIVE! Here is the schedule:

Sixth Grade:   9:00-9:25     6A

                     9:25-9:50     6B

Seventh Gr:  10:10-10:35   7A

                   10:35-11:00   7B

Eighth Gr:      1:15-2:40     8A

                     2:40-3:05     8B


This is a time for us to have "class".  You can ask questions, get clarification, just hang out with us - whatever.  

I also sent you an invitation for Breezin' Thru Music, so be sure to get that set up.  Follow my directions carefully!  Enter your first initial and last name for your FIRST name, then enter "Griffin" for your last name.  So, I am Marla Young and I would enter myoung griffin.  This is just to protect your privacy. 

About 1/3 of you have claimed your Sightreading Factory free account.  Please do that today because you will have assignments on here, too. Follow these steps:

  • Go to //
  • Enter 2vbb3y in the Student Code field.
  • Select the appropriate age group.
  • Complete the registration information. Just enter your first initial and last name.  


Take good care of yourselves!!  Be safe and I'll see you soon, I hope! Holding you all in my thoughts. 

Mrs. Young