• Good attendance is critical for success in school. All absences will be coded unexcused unless an email or a written note from the parent/guardian is received within three days. Tardies and early dismissals both are reflected on the report card as tardies. State law allows absences to be excused for the following reasons:

    Illness or injury
    Death in the immediate family
    Medical or dental appointments
    Court or administrative proceedings
    Religious observance
    Educational opportunity - Your request must be submitted for consideration at least three days prior to absence. An explanation of the trip/opportunity must be given.

    Please fill out either the Absence Excuse Form or the Educational Opportunity Form. It will be sent directly to our data manager. Our data manager will forward the information to your child's teacher. Don't forget to click the send now button.

    **Click here to complete the RRES Elementary Absence Excuse Form.

    **Click here to download the RRES Elementary Educational Opportunity Form .This form should be filled out and turned into our front office at least three days prior to absence.